Atco Christian Preschool
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Spiritual Guidance

A Message from Pastor Robyn

Teaching young children has always been something that brings me great joy. I so love to watch the excitement on their faces when they find understanding of new concepts. Early education is the most important part of a student's learning life. We have all heard it said, children are like sponges - they take in everything they see and hear. This is very true and part of what makes the right start in their education vital to their future. I have a wonderful relationship with the staff of our school and am proud to be a part of the program offered to our students. The dedication shown by our staff, the hours of time they give beyond what is required, and their devotion to constantly seeking the best way to serve the students amazes me every day.

I am blessed to be able to introduce the Bible to our students. Every Wednesday we hear a new story, following a monthly theme. The children are always so engaged and enjoy doing the crafts, games, and songs that go along with each story. The teachers are fantastic at relating other learning opportunities during the week back to the one I presented in order to reinforce the lessons. It is truly an honor to be a part of your children's lives. I hope to help their spiritual light shine a little brighter with each interaction. Thank you for choosing our school and joining our family.