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A Message from Pastor Wes

One of the most rewarding and “future changing” activities we can engage in is to teach our children and guide them on the correct path to follow in life.  Far too often we allow our children to make their own choices without giving them the tools to make good ones.  If we allow our kids to choose for themselves, they will. By the time we realize just what they have decided, it is too late.  By giving children the proper tools to make wise and informed decisions, they will grow and mature with a firm foundation that will support them in the storms of life.  We at the Atco Christian Preschool are dedicated to helping the children make their decisions based on the foundation of Christian ethics and morals.  With these principles being reinforced at home, we will form a team that will help our children in their maturing process that will help them to formulate their choices.

At the Atco Christian Preschool we use the Bible, prayer, and sound teaching principles.  The best part is that the children will enjoy themselves while doing it.  I have a guitar that will only work if we have enough smiles in the room to give it the power necessary.  Now as I come in to sing with your children, all I need to do is sit down on the alphabet rug and pick up my guitar and they tell me “we need smiles” and they do!  I praise God for all the children, and am committed to helping them to build a solid foundation that will start them on their journey through life.


Jesus loves the little children and so do I,


Pastor Wes


Welcome! If you would like to know more about our progam we would be happy to schedule a tour.